Training Services:

Training is available in: dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, dysgraphia, ADHD and Visual Disturbance

All training has been planned, written and developed specifically for:

  • Educators (Teachers, SENCO’s, heads of departments, deputies and heads)
  • Parents
  • Schools, colleges, universities, disability teams
  • Work places

  • In house and bespoke packages can be tailored with as little as 6 staff.

    Half Day Dyslexia Awareness Training: Teachers

  • To introduce the main theories of dyslexia
  • To provide examples of reasonable adjustments which can be used immediately within the classroom.
  • To demonstrate strategies to support students with dyslexia.
  • To offer experiential activities to facilitate understanding.
  • To introduce the Medical and Social models of disability.
  • To be introduced to the Equality Act 2010 with specific reference to general educational legal responsibilities.

  • Half Day Dyslexia Awareness: Parents

  • To introduce the main theories of dyslexia
  • To offer strategies to support your child at home and in the classroom
  • To have the opportunity to take part in experiential activities to foster a deeper understanding.

  • Half Day Visual Disturbance and Binocular Stability Awareness:

  • To raise awareness of; visual disturbance, pattern glare, binocular instability, accommodation, eye dominance and tracking.
  • To raise awareness of key processes involved in relation to learning to read / reading, regarding the visual system.
  • To raise awareness of coloured filters and how they can support students / employees.
  • To provide recommendations to immediately facilitate reasonable adjustments within the classroom or workplace setting.
  • Additional Training for all Educational Institutions and Work Places,
    as well as Employers, Managers, Teachers and Parents: