Screening Services:

We offer screening across all ages, both in education and the work place in: dyslexia and dyscalculia.

We also offer Post-16 screenings for ADHD, dyspraxia. Specific learning difference (SpLD) screenings are conducted face to face.

We also offer JCQ Exam Access Arrangements for students in secondary and tertiary education who may be eligible for reasonable adjustments, for example extra time, a reader or rest breaks in their exams.

Dyslexia Screening
Dyscalculia Screening
Dyspraxia Screening
Attention Hyperactive Deficit Disorder Screening (ADHD)

A detailed development and educational history

Up to 2 hours (1:1) with the student

Consultation with the school SENDCo/class teacher (if required)

Recommendations for next steps summarised by email (including possible referral or signposting to medical services where applicable)

Exam Access Arrangements:

JCQ Form 8 and Common Entrance Exam

  • extra time
  • reader / reading software
  • scribe / speech to text software
  • word processor
  • rest breaks

Liaison with school SENDCo

Up to 2 hours 1:1 with students

Psychometric testing, scoring and completion of JCQ Form 8 Part 2

Written recommendations for tutors