Dyslexia Diagnostic Assessment: All Ages

A full and thorough diagnostic assessment, which consists of psychometric and attainment testing which takes between 3-5 hours to complete. This provides the student's unique cognitive profile and thus allows the assessor to write a detailed report explaining individual strengths and weaknesses, as well as recommendations to support the student moving forward. It will also provide a diagnosis (if applicable).

A detailed developmental and educational history

Visual disburbance screening with referral to specialist optometrist (if required).

An individualised diagnostic report (approximately 20 to 30 pages detailing the assessment scores, findings and recommendations for support).

A 1:1 remote feedback session (up to 30 minutes) to answer any questions regarding the report and findings

Signposting and support to apply for the DSA (where applicable)


A Diagnostic Assessment is designed to ascertain if the student has a specific learning difference (as listed in the choices above). Psychometric assessments including attainment testing are undertaken to produce a unique cognitive profile, detailing the individual strengths and areas for development. This facilitates individualised recommendations to support the student moving forward.

The Process:

The student will be sent a questionnaire to complete, then they will undertake a face to face consultation which will take 3 - 4 hours. The consultation comprises of psychometric assessments as well as attainment testing, in order to ascertain If the student has a designated specific learning difference. A report will then be written and a 30 minute remote feedback will be provided if required. The usual turn round for reports is 2 -3 weeks.